Use the links below to view our community of neighbors here on the Central Coast: California State Parks: If you love to hike then Big Basin may be the park for you. Tucked away in the scenic Santa Cruz Mountains, Big Basin sits in its silent beauty waiting for you to explore and experience some of the most breath taking views of the Monterey Bay. Although Mother Nature took back some of the uniqueness of Natural Bridges many years ago, the park is still home to one of the most beautiful forms of nature. Every year between mid October to Mid February the Monarch Butterfly migrates to this region. The cool coastal climate and the protection offered by the Eucalyptus tree grove combine to make this a home away from home for these creatures. The Monarch Grove walk is not something that should be missed. If Mountain Biking is in your blood then stop by The Forest of Nisene Marks. Every weekend mountain bikers from all around descend on this park to conquer their fears. If mountain biking is not your thing fear not. There are numerous trails designated for walking only. Don't forget the picnic basket! Seacliff State Beach offers a relaxed beach experience complete with a large picnic area for the entire family to enjoy. Just steps from the main picnic area is the Seacliff Pier which is populated quite frequently by local fisherman. While on the pier, many have wondered why there is a ship at the end. This ship (The Palo Alto) and two others were built in 1917 by a Norwegian engineer. The ship was never used until it was purchased by the Cal-Nevada Co. and towed to Seacliff Beach in 1929. Cal-Nevada wanted to use the ship for entertainment and fishing. Unfortunately the company went bankrupt 2 years later and the ship was left. Henry Cowell Redwoods is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains and boasts 15-20 miles of trails designed for hikers, mountain bikers, and horse riding. There are many picnic areas throughout the park and camping is allowed during the summer seasons. Henry Cowell was once populated by the Zayante Indians. Henry Cowell's is also home to a centuries old Redwood Grove that has a self guided tour. Right next to Henry Cowell is Roaring Camp, where the young and old can take a ride on a steam train ride or take the train down to Santa Cruz which stops at the doorsteps of the famed Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. New Brighton State Beach Sunset State Beach Manresa State Beach Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park