We all remember the tragic events of 2011 involving the violent attack on Bryan Stow, Santa Cruz Resident & Local Paramedic, shortly after a rival game between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers. Since the events of that night, Bryan has been under constant care from his family and doctors and will, quite possibly, live the rest of his life with permanent disabilities requiring treatment on a daily basis.
Today there was a bit of a shining light when Bryan's attackers were sentenced after they pleaded guilty. While this certainly will not change the events of 2011 and beyond, hopefully it will give the Stow family a bit of peace. The SF Giants and the community have been strong supporters in Bryan's life after the attack and today we need to remember that Bryan's medical treatment is ongoing. Please continue to help Bryan with your thoughts, prayers, and any donations. The Stow family has set-up a great website to help keep people informed of Bryan's day-to-day life. Please visit http://www.support4bryanstow.com/
For more information on today's guilty verdict click here.

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